We look beyond on the future, and our previous successful experience linked with an important number of renowned international companies evidences that our goals and standards are on top of the peak.

CENTENERA – LATIN-METALS, 2017-2018, Huachi/Espereanza Project. Management of more than 2,000 mts. of drillings.

MILLENNIAL LITHIUM, 2016-2017, Pastos Grandes Project. Asset introduction, permits acqusition support.

ADVANTAGE LITHIUM, 2016, Salinas Grandes Project. Asset introduction, permits acquisition support.

ANGLOGOLD ASHANTI, 2013-2015, Argentina Regional Exploration.
Logistics, 4×4 vehicles, technicians, infrastructure, local contacts.

NEWMONT, 2012, Argentina Regional Exploration. Geologists and technicians for regional exploation. BLEG.

CLIFFS NATURAL RESOURCES, 2011-2012, Cerro Juncal Project.
Surface sampling, more than 2,500 mts. of drillings, community management.

SUMITOMO, 2010, Exploration in Chile.
Geologists Team and 4×4 vehicle. Core logging services.

MCEWEN MINING/MINERA ANDES, 2003-2008, Los Azules Project.
More than 18,000 mts. of drillings, Geologists, logistics and safety. Qualified Person certificate.

SILVER STANDARD RESOURCES, 2004-2011, Diablillos Project. Prospection and management of more than 18,000 mts. of drillings.

XSTRATA, 2008, Pachon Project.
Geologists team and 4×4 vehicles. Core logging services.

ATW VENTURE, 2006, Amarillos Project. More than 2,500 mts. of drillings.

CORO MINING, 2006-2007, San Jorge Project.
Mapping, sampling and more than 3,000 mts. of drillings.

SILVER STANDARD RESOURCES, 2005-2007, Pirquitas Mine. Underground mapping, geologists team, core logging, mine reactivation more than 3,500 mts. of drilling control.

BHP, 1999-2000, Agua Rica Project. Brownfields exploration.